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September 2021 Issue

Welcome to Fall 2021

A very warm welcome to our new FSU faculty and a welcome back to returning faculty members!  As the campus seeks to navigate a new normal, I want you to know that ORD is here to work with you, whether remotely or in person. If you are unfamiliar with our programs and services, I invite you to visit to learn more about how ORD staff can provide services that will allow you to be more informed and strengthen your research competitiveness. These can include attending our workshops and collaboration programs, having your proposals edited, participating in peer review sessions, viewing examples of successful proposals and so much more. And, as always, do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions you may have. Happy fall!

- Beth Hodges, Director

Register and Connect your ORCID iD to Track and Link Research Outputs (read more)

We congratulate and recognize FSU’s Faculty Awardees each month!  To see a list of FSU Faculty Awards by month, click here!

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Introducing Collaborative Collision 2.0

Building and accelerating new research teams.

I can’t count the number of times over the last five years I’ve been asked “What happens after Collaborative Collision?” While Collaborative Collision has proven to be extremely popular with the FSU research community, the fact is that there are many barriers to interdisciplinary research and the original Collaborative Collision was only designed to address one — building connections with researchers outside of your immediate network. But knowing what to do with those connections is just as, if not more, important.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Collaborative Collision 2.0— the first major re-design and expansion since we launched in 2016. Collaborative Collision 2.0 is designed to lower the barrier to entry for interdisciplinary teams starting by providing an opportunity to ... (read more)

ORD’s Proposal Development Services— Efficient, Responsive, and Competitive

ORD began as the Office of Proposal Development in 2013, and support for grant writing, proposal management, and editing is at the very heart of our mission. Our goal is to increase efficiency by reducing the burden on individual principal investigators through effective planning and management and improve responsiveness to funding solicitations by helping teams to understand and fulfill all proposal requirements, both of which enhance the competitiveness of our researchers. ORD works on proposals from all colleges, departments, centers, and institutes at FSU, and our services are available for ... (read more)

Research Mentor Academy

The Research Mentor Academy strives to promote a culture of support for research mentoring and to provide training in optimizing mentoring relationships for mentors with their mentees at all levels of their research careers. In collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement and with ‘Trained Facilitators’ (in CIMER’s facilitators training) Peggy Wright-Cleveland, Adrienne Stephen, Roxanne Hughes, Lara Perez-Felkner, Mark Weatherspoon, and Jarrett Terry, the Research Mentor Academy was conducted for New Faculty Orientation with 18 faculty, assistant professors and research faculty, new to FSU. These faculty learned effective mentoring strategies for maintaining effective communication, aligning expectations, assessing understanding, and addressing equity and inclusion. A waiting list is available for those interested in future Research Mentor Academy sessions:

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Resource Spotlight: Limited Submissions

Did you know many funding opportunities are limited at the university level? These are called limited submissions. Click here to find out how to spot a limited submission and how to apply through FSU.

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