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Exploring complex solutions to complex problems

by building and accelerating new interdisciplinary teams at Florida State University.

Join us for Collaborative Collision: Rural Innovation in Fall 2022!

At Collaborative Collision we encourage you to think beyond disciplinary boundaries and consider how you might combine your skills, expertise, and resources through Connector, how you will turn those connections into collaborations through Incubator, and what first steps towards a solution your team will propose at Accelerator.


  • Researchers come together at Connector to refine complex problems into collaborative challenges and make connections around shared interest in exploring solutions

  • In Incubator we turn connections into collaborations through a 10-week team development series where participants are guided through the process of developing a project and funding proposal.

  • Teams premiere their video pitches at Accelerator and the Office of Research provides up to $50,000 to launch innovative new projects that explore the first steps in a complex solution.