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Collaborative Collisions are interdisciplinary networking events hosted by Research Development. These are topic-driven and have been facilitated with large topic areas as well as more targeted areas of interest. Informational sites are created following the event so that researchers can access the information at their convenience. 

Collaborative Collision 2021-2023

From 2021 to 2023, Research Development hosted four events that guided participants through a structured process in which they worked together to understand a challenge they were trying to solve, what kind of solution was needed to make an impact, the strategy needed to develop that solution, and how the team would work together to deliver the solution. 

Explore materials from these events below!

If you are a Collaborative Collision awardee and have questions regarding your award, please contact Beth Hodges.

Collaborative Collision 2016-2021

From 2016-2021 the 15 events in our original Collaborative Collision program featured 774 research profile presentations and had over 1000 total participants, helping to launch countless new collaborative research teams. The introduction of a virtual format in 2020 allowed us to welcome more researchers than ever, expanding access to researchers not only in Tallahassee, but also FSU’s Panama City Campus and the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, as well several individuals located as far away as Europe and Africa.

Explore materials from these events below!

Smart Cities
Underserved Populations

Mental Health & Wellness
Children & Families
Disaster Resilience

Big Data
AI & Machine Learning

Technology & Society
Climate Solutions
Health 2021