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Building and accelerating new research teams.

Collaborative Collision 2.0 is helping the Florida State research community come together to provide complex solutions to complex problems.

Launching in Fall 2021, Collaborative Collision 2.0 is an interdisciplinary networking program designed to lower the barrier to entry for interdisciplinary teams by providing an opportunity to connect researchers with complementary interests, catalyzing the growth of new teams through a rapid project ideation, team development, and strategic communications series, and accelerating their success through an internal funding competition.

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Collaborative Connector

Our innovative networking format focuses on building interdisciplinary connections by introducing researchers with complementary interests, resources, and expertise.

Collaborative Incubator

New teams are guided through the process of developing a project, designing a collaboration plan that governs how to work together, discovering the team's competitive advantage, and determining how to communicate their project to the right people, in the right way.

Collaborative Accelerator

 Showcasing how Florida State is rising to meet our collaborative challenge, one team will receive up to $50,000 to conduct the pilot project developed in Collaborative Incubator. 


Collaborative Collisions


Research Profile Presentations


New Teams Formed

"Our world is faced with a variety of complex issues that impact all of us. Climate change, poverty, inequality and human rights, individual safety and privacy, health and wellness — all are examples of problems that have multiple, interconnected causes and effects— all are examples of problems that cannot be solved by a single researcher or academic discipline, — and all are examples of problems discussed at Collaborative Collision.

Through Collaborative Collision, Florida State University is building the interdisciplinary teams needed to provide complex solutions to complex problems."

- Dr. Laurel Fulkerson, Interim Vice President for Research

Opening Remarks at Collaborative Collision: Health 2021

Diverse backgrounds, convergent topics.

All FSU researchers are invited to explore opportunities in cross-cutting topic areas.