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Advancing interdisciplinary research and creativity at Florida State University by building connections, catalyzing new teams, and accelerating our researchers towards innovation and discovery.

Interdisciplinary Networks
  • Convergent topics chosen to attract researchers from diverse areas across the research community.

  • Events are designed to provide ample opportunity for participants to meet numerous FSU faculty.

  • All participants are provided materials with each other's contact information and research profiles.

Individual Interests
  • Collaborative Collision focuses on the individual's research background and interests.

  • Posters/slides discuss expertise, and specific ways a participant can help, or be helped by, a collaborator.

  • Research profiles tailored to the event's topic, with templates and printing provided by ORD.

Adaptable Events
  • Large-scale poster session suitable for broad topics attracting up to 150 presenters and guests.

  • Presentation-based events featuring three-minute pitches, ideal for focused topics with 15-25 faculty.

  • Online format ideal for pandemics!

Building Connections

Collaborative Collision is centered on the Research Profile—short, focused presentations designed to communicate who you are as researcher, and let others know your unique skills, interests, and opportunities. Research Profiles also discuss specific ways you might help, or be helped by, a collaborator, making it easy to identify other researchers that you may be interested in working with. Research profile presentations are limited to three minutes and slides must follow the format available for download here. 

Not sure what to put in your Research Profile? Check out examples from past events here!


Catalyzing New Teams

The Collaborative Collision seed fund provides funding to catalyze the development of new interdisciplinary teams that form as a result of connections made at the Office of Research Development’s Collaborative Collision events. Collaborative Collision grants are intended to allow a new team to position themselves to seek external funding for a new research initiative by demonstrating a history of successful collaboration. Grant recipients are expected to submit external funding proposals within one year of the conclusion of an award.

Connecting with the Community

Research universities have an obligation to help address the many challenges we face as a society. Cutting-edge research benefits immensely by learning from, and partnering with those who are engaged in the every day work of making our world a better place. The Office of Research Development is committed to facilitating connections between research faculty and local, regional, and national partners, and serving as a gateway into the FSU research community.

Collaborative Collision welcomes and encourages representatives from industry, government, and community organizations to attend and participate in our events!

Past community participants include:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida MARPAN Recycling Florida Department of Emergency Management
Florida Office of Energy Florida Department of Health City of Tallahassee
Leon County Second Harvest of the Big Bend Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend
Legal Services of North Florida Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality  

Why attend Collaborative Collision?

 With two events each semester, Collaborative Collision is the best opportunity at FSU to meet other researchers with shared interests!

Dr. Gregg D. Stanwood

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences

College of Medicine

"So much of initiating multi-disciplinary collaborations is based on team-building and conversations. Both the Collaborative Collision and the Seed Fund support effective team building and encourage formative success. This is greatly appreciated – and from my perspective quite unique in academic institutions. Keep it up, please!"

"Collaborative Collision helps foster a sense of research community and connection with other faculty and staff colleagues around campus, even in a Zoom environment. Attending has led to several collaborations and many more collegial discussions about research on and beyond campus."

Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner

Associate Professor of Higher Education & Sociology

Co-PI on Seed Fund award for Collaborative Collision: Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion 

Julie May McDougal, LCSW

Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy

Institute for Science and Public Affairs

"I participated in the Children and Families Collaborative Collision a couple years ago and it was an incredibly helpful event for me on multiple fronts. At the time I was a Director of a grant funded community based program in one of the ISPA centers and I didn't have a lot of opportunities to network with faculty in the various academic departments.

Through the Collaborative Collision event, I met several other faculty members with research interests or resources related to my program. The most significant outcome was meeting two new colleagues and developing a research study together that we are still currently implementing. I really appreciate these Office of Research Development events!"

"The COVID-19 collaborative collision was a little different in that we didn’t have the opportunity to engage in an idea-sharing event, but the opportunity for funding encouraged us to form a new partnership among faculty members in Communication Sciences and Disorders in order to seek to understand how the early months of the pandemic were affecting children with disabilities and their families.  We have submitted one manuscript, have two more in preparation, and our team is continuing to discuss plans for additional projects and outside funding!"

Dr. Michelle Therrien

Assistant Professor

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Blake Renfro

Director of Business Development

College of Business

“Collaborative Collision: Health was incredibly well organized, and I’ve already made some great connections! It was nice to see such a breadth of research going on here at FSU. We are very well positioned to make a big dent in the healthcare sector.”

“Collaborative Collision: Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion was extremely invigorating and exciting for me. It is deeply gratifying and grounding to know that there are other faculty members out there with the same concerns and interests that I have.”

Geoffrey Deibel, DMA

Assistant Professor of Saxophone

College of Music