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FSU Research Development Partners

What is Research Development (RD)?  In research development, members of the university community assist faculty and students in their research related efforts. 

Not to be confused with what Departmental Representatives or SRA Grants Officers are involved with (assisting with general and agency guidance, as well as submission and administration of grants),  RD expands beyond these areas to equip (workshops and resources), connect (collaborative opportunities), and assist (editing, staffing, etc.), to strengthen research efforts including programs and proposals to make them more competitive for extramural funding from governmental, private and non-profit funding agencies.  

While Florida State University has a central Research Development unit for faculty under the Vice President for Research, there are other offices with professionals throughout the university serving different constituencies and/or providing essential complementary activities that, as a whole, provide comprehensive services to our university. These include faculty and staff in departments, the Graduate School, FSU Libraries, and many others. 

FSU enjoys a productive climate of cooperation and partnership among offices.  Those involved in these efforts appreciate the synergy that emerges from working together.  The FSU RD Partners Group has been established to further this existing synergism by establishing gatherings to share information and ideas to create more and better opportunities to collaborate and strengthen efforts. 

If you are involved with RD-related efforts and would like to join our group or need to find an on-campus RD professional, please contact Beth Hodges to learn more.  If you are a faculty member, student, or staff member looking for RD support, please contact folks from our group!

The next meeting of the group will be in May of 2024. 

View Information From Prior Sessions

Individual contact information for those participating can be found below.

Name, Title Office Email
Grace Adkison, CRC Program Manager Research Development, Office of Research
Jen Bartman, Senior Associate Director Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Carolyn Bradley, Research Development Coordinator, Arts & Humanities

Research Development, Office of Research
Terra Bradley, Assistant Dean for Research Administration College of Medicine
Mike Campbell, Chief Business and Industry Liaison Business and Industry Liaison, Research
Sonja Carter, Director of Strategy & Recognition Office of Research
Jimmy Cole, Assistant Vice President University Relations
Emily Leventhal, Director of the Graduate Student Resource Center Graduate Student Resource Center
Megan Del Debbio, Marketing Communications Manager Information Technology Service (ITS)
Rebecca Dorn, Director Change Leadership Planning, Information Technology Service (ITS)
Debra Fadool, Associate Dean Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Craig Filar, Assistant Dean Office of National Fellowships
Michael Franklin, Assistant Director FSU Honors Program
Rachel Goff-Albritton, Assistant Director Research Development, Office of Research
Ellen Granger, Director Office of STEM Teaching Activities
Gillian Gregory, Program Director College of Education
Kathleen Haughney, Assistant Director Research Communications, Office of Research
Beth Hodges, Director Research Development, Office of Research
Renaine Julian, Director of STEM Libraries FSU Libraries
Laura Kitchens, Grants Analyst College of Social Sciences
April Lovett, Director Academic Health Data Library Programs, 
FSU Libraries
Keith McCall, Assistant Director, Office of the Graduate Fellowships and Awards The Graduate School
Pam Ray, Director Sponsored Research Administration
Leslie Richardson, Director Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Nicholas Ruhs, Research Data Management Librarian FSU Libraries 
Devin Soper, Director, Digital Research & Scholarship FSU Libraries
Adrienne Stephenson, Graduate School Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards, The Graduate School
Camille Thomas, Copyright Resources & Scholarly Communication FSU Libraries
Nicole Viverito, Program Director, Research and Proposal Development Research Development, Office of Research
Ursula Keller Weiss, Director Network for Clinical Research, Training and Community Engagement
Peggy Wright-Cleveland, Director Office of Faculty Development and Advancement
Katherine Yaun, Senior Editor Office of Research, College of Education
Neelam Bharti, Associate Dean for Research and Learning FSU Libraries