Transferring FSU Discoveries into the Marketplace

The Office of Commercialization (OC) assists FSU researchers in transferring their innovativeresearch results and creative work into public use.  We do this by licensing FSU technologies to existing or start-up companies to develop and market these early stage technologies. Click here to view our Mission Statement.

The OC manages projects ranging from the hard sciences and engineering to music and theatre. This starts with invention and work disclosures. When disclosures show a potential for commercialsuccess, the OC staff seeks intellectual property protection (copyrights and patents) for the research and/or creative work, then attempt to identify commercial partners to negotiate a license and options agreements for continued development.

Occasionally, we may recommend that a faculty member consider creating a new company to commercialize their own innovation. Thinking about starting a business? Here are some relevant resources. See a list of start-ups based on FSU technology.

If a technology is commercialized successfully, the revenues are distributed among the researcher(s), the research school(s) or department(s), and the FSU Research Foundation. A list of FSU's policies regarding intellectual property can be found by clicking here.

This OC is also the point of contact for outside organizations and individuals wanting to locate, for commercial or other public purposes, the skills, inventions, creative works and other resources of the FSU research community. See the current summary of FSU Technology Opportunities.

The OC's responsibilities include:

  • Identifying new discoveries and technologies
  • Facilitating invention disclosure
  • Patenting and other protections
  • Licensing technologies to market
  • Assisting in start-up company creation

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