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FSU Research Awards Report: August, 2014

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Amount
Arjmandi,Bahram; Co-PI(s): Ardanuy Johnson,Sarah Health Role of Pear for Metabolic Syndrome Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission $32,185
Bhide,Pradeep; Co-PI(s): Mc Carthy,Deirdre; Zhu,Jinmin Efficacy and Mechanism of Action of Nor-binaltorphimine in an Animal Model of ADHD Avekshan LLC $345,344
Brey,William; Co-PI(s): Cross,Timothy; Larbalestier,David; Trociewitz,Ulf Solution-Based Biomolecular NMR at 24 T Fields Using New High Temperature Superco National Institute of General Medical Sciences $170,000
Brown,Jeffrey Apalachee Regional Planning Council Internship Apalachee Regional Planning Council $8,192
Capstick,Simon; Co-PI(s): Hill,Stephen; Popovic,Dragana Proposal to the APS Bridge Program for a Masters Bridge Site at Florida State University American Physical Society $65,330
Cattafesta,Louis I/UCRC Planning Grant: Applications in Flow Control National Science Foundation $16,060
Dennard,Harry Florida Department of Children and Families Child Care Training Curriculum and Competency Exam Development and Maintenance Florida Department of Children and Families $987,653
Deremble,Bruno; Co-PI(s): Chassignet,Eric; Dewar,William Ocean Eddies - Topographic Interactions Along the Brazilian Coast National Science Foundation $496,752
Eckel,Lisa Cannabinoid Medication for Anorexia Nervosa Northeastern University $46,417
Fadool,James - Foundation for Fighting Blindness $299,991
Fahim,Arash Monte Carlo Methods for Fully Non-Linear PDE's and Application to Quantitative Finance National Science Foundation $89,363
Ferguson,Michael William Cecil Golden Professional Development Program for School Leaders Florida Dept of Ed - FEM $200,000
Gilbert,David Replication Domain Organization During HESC Differentiation University of Georgia $317,778
Graham,Mimi FSU Center's Young Parents Project The Women's Fund $5,000
Griffin,Van Determination of Ic for New MgB2 Conductor Design for Cutting Edge Superconductors Cutting Edge Superconductors $2,500
Harrington,Julie Visiting Scholar BeomSik Yoon $15,000
Hook,Karl Florida Center For Reading Research/ Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network (PMRN) Help Desk Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $502,800
Hook,Karl; Co-PI(s): Elliott,James Twelve (12) Months Operating Costs for the VPK Assessment Help Desk Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $133,462
Howell,Richard; Co-PI(s): Mennicke,Annelise; Pruett,Kori Bystander Workshops Avon Foundation $5,000
Jia,Minna Customer Satisfaction Survey of Property Owners During and After Construction Florida Department of Transportation $67,650
Jung,Sungmoon NASA Florida Space Grant Fellowship for Larissa Ferreira University of Central Florida $12,000
Keating,Patrick American Graduate, Let's Make It Happen Corporation for Public Broadcasting $110,251
Kelley,Colleen Memory for Repeated Events National Science Foundation $293,807
Kercheval,Alec - Simons Foundation $35,000
Knight,Gary Invasive Plant Management FWC Contract No.10109 Florida Fish and Wildlife Cons $279,100
Knight,Gary 2014-15 Natural Community Mapping, OBVM Monitoring and Technical Support Florida Fish and Wildlife Cons $150,760
Knight,Gary Invasive Plant Survey Nature Conservancy $14,660
Landing,William Collaborative Research: Geotraces Arctic Section: Collection and Analysis of Atmospheric Deposition National Science Foundation $7,010
Lemmon,Alan; Co-PI(s): Lemmon,Emily Collaborative Research: An Inclusion Phylogeny For The Pseudoxyrhophiine Snakes In Madagascar: Understanding Causes of Species Diversification College of Staten Island $68,924
Lonigan,Christopher Florida VPK and FAIR Research Project Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $50,353
Marcus,Nancy 2014-2015 FL Education Fund Fellowships Florida Education Fund $351,886
Mast,Austin Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: The Key to the Cabinets: Building and Sustaining a Research Database for a Global Biodiversity Hotspot National Science Foundation $129,562
Mio,Washington Collaborative Research: Topological Methods for Parsing Shapes and Networks and Modeling Variation in Structure and Function National Science Foundation $97,468
Morton,Peter; Co-PI(s): Salters,Vincent Collaborative Research: Biogeochemical Cycling of Particulate Trace Elements in the Western Arctic Basin National Science Foundation $135,599
Norton,Douglas An Experimental Investigation of Warm Glow and Hidden Income University of Chicago $3,100
Pamidi,Sastry; Co-PI(s): Graber,Lukas; Kim,Chul Exploring Helium Gas Mixtures for Enhanced Cryogenic Dielectric Characteristics in Naval Superconducting Power Applications Office of Naval Research $70,000
Pamidi,Sastry; Co-PI(s): Graber,Lukas; Kim,Chul Basic Research on Cryogenic Dielectric and Thermal Aspects Pertinent to High Voltage High Temperature Superconducting Devices for Navy Applications Office of Naval Research $303,939
Pierce,Joseph Collaborative Research: The Scale of Governance in the Regulation of Land in Community Land Trusts National Science Foundation $85,749
Razzouk,Rabieh I-Corps: iCPALMS Curriculum Management Platform National Science Foundation $45,000
Razzouk,Rabieh Cpalms Perspectives-Steam Collection U. S. Department of State $15,000
Reed,Deborah The Iowa Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Automatic Word Recognition and Decoding (Iaskaword) Foundations in Learning $13,927
Reyes,Elena; Co-PI(s): Kazmer,Michelle; Slate,Elizabeth HPV Vaccination Among Low-Income Hispanic Adolescents Northwestern University $30,205
Rodgers,Ryan Equipment Enhancement Waters $10,000
Sang,Qing-Xiang MMP-26 and Other Protein Biomarkers in Africa American Prostate Cancer H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute $4,000
Starke,Tadarrayl; Co-PI(s): Frazier,Rose-May College Reach-out Program (CROP) Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $99,386
Stewart,Eric; Co-PI(s): Holmes,Jennifer NIJ Research Assistantship Program National Institute of Justice $75,231
Sussman,Mark; Co-PI(s): Hussaini,Mohammed A Spectrally Accurate Hybrid Moment-of-Fluid and Level Set Method for Multiphase Flows National Science Foundation $131,706
Switzer,Beth Capitol Technical Center Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $100,000
Tam,Christopher Modeling and Simulating the Generation & Propagation of Indirect Combustion Noise of a Simple Engine Ohio Aerospace Institute $120,000
Telotte,John Collaborative Project: Energy Sustainability Remote Laboratory (ESRL) National Science Foundation $63,632
Travis,Joseph; Co-PI(s): Andrews-Larson,Christine; Kercheval,Alec; Shih,Chiang Preparing And Supporting Equitable Teaching In Mathematics And Science
Classrooms: The FSU-Teach Noyce Program
National Science Foundation $796,734
Tull,James Geologic Mapping of Key Areas Within the Appalachian Inner Piedmont to Enhance Student Field Training U. S. Geological Survey $23,819
Uzun,Ali; Co-PI(s): Alvi,Farrukh; Hussaini,Mohammed Direct Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Receptivity to Spanwise Periodic Roughness Elements National Institute of Aerospace $78,163
Wekezer,Jerzy; Co-PI(s): Jung,Sungmoon Crashworthiness Evaluation of Paratransit Buses Florida Department of Transportation $250,000
Whalley,David; Co-PI(s): SJALANDER,MAGNUS; Sjaelander,Hans; Tyson,Gary IRES:U.S.- Sweden Research Experience in Efficient and Secure Mobile Systems for Students National Science Foundation $250,000
Wicker,Lynn; Co-PI(s): Brink,Megan Carl D. Perkins, CTE Secondary, University Research & Development Schools Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $5,750
Zierden,David Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) Florida Department of Health

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.