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FSU Research Awards Report: November, 2014

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsorAmount
Augustyniak,Rebecca; Co-PI(s): Finley,Amy Bureau Educator Certification Online Partnership Training Florida Department of Education - SDE $81,000.00
Borovsky,Arielle Online Language Processing And Semantic Development In Late-Talking Infants National Institute on Deafness $148,939.00
Coleman,Felicia EEEF Conference Various DFPO $16,050.99
Culver,Annika NEAC Distinguished Speakers Association for Asian Studies $1,750.00
Green,Benjamin Pasco County Workshops Dec 2014 & Feb 2015 Pasco County Government $3,000.00
Joiner,Thomas; Co-PI(s): Bender,Theodore "Everyone Goes Home" Suicide Study National Fallen Firefighters Foundation $70,000.00
Knight,Gary Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway Invasive Exotic Plant Survey in Zones 4 (part), 5 and 6 Florida Department Environmental Protection $42,864.31
Knight,Gary Majorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway Assessment of Listed and Rare Plant Species for Six Scrub Islands Florida Department Environmental Protection $9,225.00
Moses,Ren; Co-PI(s): Ozguven,Eren To Determine the Trip Characteristics of Transit Oriented Development in Florida Florida Department of Transportation $153,000.00
Nakouzi,Elias; Co-PI(s): Steinbock,Oliver Understanding and Controlling the Non-Classical Crystallization Pathways of Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs Mineralogical Society of America $5,000.00
Nolder,Craig Clifford Analysis and Related Topics National Science Foundation $29,645.00
Osteen,Laura Southeast PeaceJam Leon County School Board $25,000.00
Palm,Eric High-Precision Isotopic Analysis U. S. Geological Survey $56,250.00
Pesta,George Translational Criminology: Research and Public Policy National Institute of Justice $58,545.00
Razzouk,Rabieh Title II Part B Mathematics & Science Partnerships STEM 2014-2017 Florida Department of Education - FEM $4,500,000.00
Ren,Yi Statistical Methods for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Biomedical Data Princeton University $81,000.00
Shanbhag,Sachin Towards Ultra-Light Weight Hybrids, Foams and Green Bodies: Structure-Property Relationships in Novel Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles Florida A&M University $19,814.00
Shih,Chiang Senior Capstone Design Project 2014-15 University of Central Florida $500.00
Shih,Chiang; Co-PI(s): Ordonez,Juan Noise And Thermal Management Of Naval Systems University of Michigan Ann Arbor $125,000.00
Spencer,Robert Collaborative Research: Calibration and Application of Vascular Plant and Aqueous Mircrobial Biomarkers to Examine Transformations of Dissolved Organic Matter National Science Foundation $163,684.00
Terracciano,Antonio Stress Biomarkers as a Potential Link Between Age Benefits and Health Yale University $7,600.00
Walsh,Robert Jk2lb 4 K Materials Testing UT-Battelle LLC $44,574.00
Wetherby,Amy Communication/ Autism Navigator Florida Department of Education - SDE $2,600,000.00
Wicker,Lynn; Co-PI(s): Brink,Megan Postsecondary Education Readiness Assessments Florida Department of Education - SDE $569.64
Wicker,Lynn; Co-PI(s): Wills,Angela Title 1 Part A: Basic Florida Department of Education - FEM $269,391.00
Woods,Juliann Exceptional Student Education Tuition Support Program Florida Department of Education - FEM $425,000.00
Yang,Jie NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Distributed Robust Spectrum Sensing And Sharing In Cognitive Radio Networks National Science Foundation $134,706.00
Yang,Jie CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: Guardian Angel Enabling Mobile Safety System National Science Foundation $75,484.00
Yang,Jie Making Inferences of Physical Properties to Enhance Wireless Security Stevens Institute of Technology $50,958.12
Yang,Wei Functional Domains in Model Membranes an Protocells Probed with High-Performance Simulation and Neutron Scattering... U

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.