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FSU Research Awards Report: October, 2014

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Amount
Barbu,Adrian A Novel Platform for Biological Information Integration and Knowledge Discovery INSILICOM LLC $70,908
Bhide,Pradeep Moleculary Mechanisms Mediating the Action of Dopamine Receptors on GABA Neuron Migration in the Embroyonic Brain Embassy of France $8,571
Boyle,Helen; Co-PI(s): Mattoussi,Hedi; Zuilkowski,Stephanie US - Indonesia Teacher Training Partnership RTI International $500,000
Chassignet,Eric; Co-PI(s): Morey,Steven Increasing Our Understanding of The Interaction Between Physical and Ecological Processes in The Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Mississippi State University $123,662
Chen,Gang; Co-PI(s): Tawfiq,Kamal Design and Testing of a Multifunctional Energy and Space Saving Reactor for the Treatment of a Landfill Leachate University of Florida $41,214
Cocke,Steven; Co-PI(s): Powell,Mark; Shin,Dong-Wook Hurricane Risk to U.S. Offshore Renewable Energy Facilities University of Miami $146,384
De Prince,Albert Parallel Two-Electron Reduced-Density-Matrix-Based Electronic Structure Software for Highly Correlated Molecules and Materials Q-Chem, Inc. $58,657
Ferguson,Michael Florida Association of District School Superintendents Website Updates and Support Fl Assn of District Sch Superintendents $42,336
Ferguson,Michael Electronic Institution Program Evaluation Plan (eIPEP) Florida Department of Education - FEM $200,000
Ferguson,Michael Personnel Development Support Project (PDSP) Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,500,000
Ferguson,Michael Professional Development Certification Program Curriculum/Assessment Development & Participate Tracking System Florida Department of Education - FEM $75,000
Godeke,Albertus; Co-PI(s): Trociewitz,Ulf Coated Conductor Cables Advanced Conductor Technologies $100,000
Green,Benjamin FL DOR Contract CPM Levels 1-8 2014-2016 Florida Department of Revenue $64,750
Green,Benjamin Polk County Tax Collector Contract CPM Courses 2014-2016 Polk County Tax Collector $63,000
Hanson,Kenneth Asymmetric Electron Transfer Rates at Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Interfaces Via Self-Assembled Bilayers U. S. Army Research Laboratory $10,000
Harrington,Julie An Economic Analysis Study to Identify the Methods and Best Practices to Increase Access to Credit to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in Florida Department of Economic Opportunity $9,720
Harrington,Julie; Co-PI(s): Glassner,David A Proposed Standardized Measure of Annual Growth in Investment by Aerospace and Aviation-Related (A&A) Industries in Florida Space Florida $37,402
Hauber,Roxanne Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Nursing Research Program Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare $35,833
Horton,Jeffrey Preventative Maintenance Planning, Training, and Technical Assistance Program Florida Department of Transportation $422,344
Jones,Robert Process Planning and Design, and Facilitation Services to Support Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council Process Florida Department of Transportation $71,500
Karnisky,Tiffany Florida State University Child Development Programs Assistance to Low-Income (Pell Grant) Student Parents Through Provision of Infant and Toddler childcare services. U. S. Department of Education $347,001
Keating,Patrick FY 2015 TV Community Service Grant (CSG) Corporation for Public Broadcasting $1,693,652
Keating,Patrick FY 2015 Radio Community Service Grant Corporation for Public Broadcasting $316,321
Keating,Patrick FY 2015 TV Interconnection Grant Corporation for Public Broadcasting $30,640
Keating,Patrick Federal Equipment Matching Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $33,394
Knight,Gary Dinner Island Ranch and Okaloacoochee Slough Wildlife Management Area - Assessment of Listed and Rare plant Species Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $29,821
Knight,Gary Guana River WMA Rare Plant Survey Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $23,332
Knight,Gary Assessment of Listed and Rare Plants Species at Three Wildlife Management Areas: Everglades and Francis S. Taylor WMA, Holey Land WMA, and Rotenberger WMA Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $49,949
Knight,Gary DoD Legacy FY14 Threat Assessment NatureServe $27,950
Knight,Gary Fall 2014 Vegetation Monitoring Required by Permits at Four Mitigation Sites (Lafayette Creek, Plum Creek, Ward Creek West, Perdido II). Northwest Florida Water Management $20,532
Lansford,Kaitlin Use of Crowdsourcing to Access the Ecological Validity of Perceptual Learning Paradigms in Dysarthria American Speech-Language Hearing $10,000
MacPherson,Megan Role of the Autonomic Nervous System in the Speech Production of Individuals with Parkinson Disease American Speech-Language Hearing $10,000
McDougal,Julie; Co-PI(s): Graham,Mimi FSU Early Head Start - Gadsden 2014-15 U. S. Admin for Children and Families $839,487
Misra,Vasubandhu; Co-PI(s): Zierden,David NIDIS Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Drought Early Warning System: Coping with Drought University of Miami $65,095
Nicholson,Sharon Improved Rainfall Databases for Evaluating Climatic Trends in Equatorial and West Africa and the Middle East. U. S. Geological Survey $28,919
Personette,Michelle; Co-PI(s): Yeboah,Yaw Next Generation Robotics for Next Generation Standards to Excite and Educate the Next Generation of NASA Engineers University of Central Florida $12,280
Phillips,Beth Prekindergarten Student Center Activities Florida Department of Education - SDE $28,454
Razzouk,Rabieh Cpalms: Everglades Foundation Collection Everglades Foundation $3,500
Reyes,Elena; Co-PI(s): Rosado,Javier Phase II Toolkit for Obesity Prevention for Adolescents in Rural Areas Florida Department of Health $300,000
Reynolds,John Comprehensive Older Driver Program Florida Department of Transportation $92,280
Russell,James; Co-PI(s): Perry,David Mass Gathering Security Issue 21 Region 2 FSU Florida Department of Education - FEM $115,324
Selvey,Anne Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS) Multidisciplinary Educational Services Centers Florida Department of Education - SDE $450,000
Song,Likai HIV Clade C MPER (Membrane Proximal External Region) Immunogen; 10E8 Epitope Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $20,100
Spainhour,Lisa Electronic License and Vehicle Information System (E.L.V.I.S.) Florida Department of Transportation $322,022
Spainhour,Lisa TraCS Support, Enhancement, And Training Florida Department of Transportation $130,000
Steurer,Michael; Co-PI(s): Schoder,Karl The Megawatt-Scale Inverter Testing: Low Voltage Ride-Through Testing Using Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Setup Dynapower Company $75,980
Wetherby,Amy FY 2014-2015 FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Florida Department of Education - SDE $1,171,922
Wise,Sherwood; Co-PI(s): Avery,Aaron Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Izu-Bonin Mariana Forearc, IODP Expedition 352- Aaron Avery Consortium for Ocean Leadership $8,356
Xu,Xiaobiao; Co-PI(s): Chassignet,Eric Variability and Coherence of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation University of Miami $58,890
Zierden,David Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (Brace) Climate Modeling Technical Assistance Florida Department of Health  

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.