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FSU Research Awards Report: September, 2014

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsorAmount
Abichou,Tarek New Technique to Quantify CH4 Oxidation and Encourage Field Implementation of Biocovers University of Florida $34,000
Alvi,Farrukh Active Control of Turbomachinery Using Microjet Acutators Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, Inc. $80,000
Arbeitman,Michelle Immunoglobulin Superfamily and Sexual Dimorphism in the Nervous System National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke $76,000
Arjmandi,Bahram; Co-PI(s): Ardanuy Johnson,Sarah The Breast Cancer Protective Effects of Dried Plum Consumption in Postmenopausal Women California Dried Plum Board $5,000
Bellamy,Gail Patient Centered Outcomes Research in Support of Patient Centered Care Program Support Blue Cross/Blue Shield Foundation $100,000
Brown,Jeffrey Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship - Stansbury U. S. Department of Transportation $5,000
Brown,Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): Stevens,Lindsay FSU Transit Fellowship Program Florida Department of Transportation $31,000
Cattafesta,Louis Flow Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Separated Flows Subjected to ZNMMF-Based Control Air Force Office of Scientific Research $368,162
Cooper,David; Co-PI(s): Cromwell,Erich Doctoral Dissertation Research in Economics: The Gift of the Living Wage: A Study of Unequal Wage Schedules in an Experimental Labor Market National Science Foundation $16,416
Cougle,Jesse; Co-PI(s): Schmidt,Norman Computerized Anger-Reduction Treatment for Smoking Cessation National Institutes of Health $213,219
Delp,Michael Disuse Osteopenia: A Potential Vascular Coupling Mechanism National Aeronautics & Space Administration $25,000
Edrington,Chris Organic Distributed Decision-Making for Heterogeneous Energy System University of Texas at Arlington $24,500
Ferguson,Michael Lauren's Kids Web Development Lauren's Kids, Inc $600,000
Fincham,Francis Deity Prototypes in Individual and Families John Templeton Foundation $280,181
Horton,Jeffrey Public Transportation and Transportation Demand Management Marketing Education and Technical Assistance Program Florida Department of Transportation $143,188
Horton,Jeffrey EZRide Ridematching & Commuter Data Project Florida Department of Transportation $65,547
Horton,Jeffrey National Transit Database - Rural Transit System Data Analysis & Reporting Florida Department of Transportation $40,647
Jones,Robert Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Oyster Fisheries in the Chesapeake Bay: Integrating Stakeholder Objectives with Natural System Models to Promote Sustainable Policy National Science Foundation $112,636
Keating,Patrick Florida Channel - Year Round Florida Department of Education - SDE $2,272,414
Keating,Patrick Florida Channel - Transponder Operations Florida Department of Education - SDE $800,000
Keating,Patrick Florida Channel - Statewide Programming Govt. & Cultural Affairs Florida Department of Education - SDE $497,522
Keating,Patrick Florida Channel - Closed Captioning Florida Department of Education - SDE $340,862
Keating,Patrick FY 15 TV Community Service Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $307,447
Keating,Patrick FY 15 FM Community Service Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $100,000
Klassen,Eric Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfacese Simons Foundation $35,000
Knight,Gary Proposed Scope of Work for LCC Science Team CLIP Updates FY2015 U. S. Fish and Wild Life Service $41,667
Knight,Gary Status Survey for Florida pondweed (Potamotegon floridanus), an At-risk and Petitioned Plant Species U. S. Fish and Wild Life Service $10,343
Kofler,Michael; Co-PI(s): Lonigan,Christopher; Schatschneider,Chris Evaluating the Feasibility of Central Executive Training for Children with ADHD National Institutes of Health $228,000
Kumar,Rajan Aero-Optical Flow Control For Mitigation Of Shock Effects In Airborne Applications Spectral Energies, LLC $99,156
Levitan,Don Contemporary Co-Evolution of Gamete Recognition Proteins National Science Foundation $400,000
Lewis,Sandra Critical Initiatives In Visual Impairments Florida Department of Education - FEM $11,048
Lonigan,Christopher Evaluation of School-Readiness Provider Program Enhancements Florida Department of Education - SDE $50,000
Marcus,Nancy; Co-PI(s): Brislin,Sarah; Duval,Emily; Maner,Jon; Shatruk,Mykhailo; Warwick,Alexa Graduate Research Fellowship Program National Science Foundation $124,000
Marincola,John The Emotions in Hellenistic Historiography Institute for Advanced Study $56,000
Mesev,Trajco Assist SEAC Cultural Resources GIS Program National Park Service $40,692
Milligan,Jeffrey Community College Administrator Program With Selected Countries U. S. Department of State $1,375,206
Milligan,Jeffrey Community College Administrator Program with Indonesia U. S. Department of State $433,557
Mio,Washington Developing 3D Craniofacial Morphometry Dataset and Tools to Transform Dysmorphology University of Colorado $70,656
Myers,Edmund Precision Measurements on Ions National Science Foundation $180,138
Nowakowski,Alexandra; Co-PI(s): Carretta,Henry Evaluation Reports for the Florida Asthma Program (FAP) Florida Department of Health $9,570
Okoli,Okenwa Manufacturing of Nanostructured Wrinkled Surfaces by Engineering the Texture Pattern with Controlled Oxidation Air Force Research Laboratory $50,000
Price,Jennifer Behind Closed Doors: Art In The Spanish American Home, 1492-1898 and RePurposed Sarasota County Arts Council $83,457
Reenock,Christopher Collaborative Research: The Policy Geography of Environmental Risk National Science Foundation $114,499
Seppala,Mika Shape of Educational Data National Science Foundation $189,444
Smith,Shawn Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) 2014-2019 Columbia University $118,750
Sutin,Angelina Personality-Epidemiologic Research on Inequalities in Longevity University of Rochester $6,336
Taylor,Kenneth ;Co-PI(s): Li,Hong; Stagg,Scott Purchase of a Direct Electron Camera for the Titan-Krios at FSU National Institutes of Health $383,722
Walsh,Robert 2014 Superconductor Testing Services to Mevion Mevion Medical Systems $10,855
Wetherby,Amy Mobilizing Community Systems to Engage Families in Early ASD Detection & Services National Institute of Mental Health $2,458,680
Wiedenhoever,Ingo Ludwig; Co-PI(s): Cottle,Paul MRI Collaborative: Development of the LSU/FSU Split-Pole Spectrograph System at the FSU Accelerator Laboratory National Science Foundation $201,000
Yang,Wei Understanding Protein-Ligand Recognition National Institute of General Medical Sciences $279,543
Zhou,Huan-Xiang Modeling Crowding and Confinement of Celluair Environments National Institute of General Medical Sciences

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.