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Research Training & Resources

Welcome to the Office of Research’s training/resources site. Here you’ll find many helpful resources and trainings focused on the administration of sponsored projects at FSU. Please scroll down to see resources by topic. Or, use the Quick Links to the right to navigate to a listed resource.

Faculty and Researcher

Are you a new researcher/faculty member at FSU? If so, welcome! We've prepared a brief online module which contains some helpful information for researchers who are new to FSU. Click the button below below to open the resource.

Open Research at FSU: A Guide for Faculty and Researchers New to FSU

The Office of Research Development (ORD) has many training tools and resources to strengthen your research competitiveness. Visit the ORD site to find information and resources such as:

  • On demand workshops and notices of upcoming training opportunities
  • A database of successful proposals
  • Funding databases to locate opportunities to fund your research and creative activities
  • Collaboration and Mentoring Resources
  • Numerous Proposal Resources

Click here to view their website

Interested in learning more about finding funding for your research idea? ORD has developed an online module which provides an overview of the available resources at FSU. 

Open the Online Module (FSU log in required)

Have a question about submitting your proposal and/or post award administration? Sponsored Research Administration (SRA) and the FSU Research Foundation (FSURF) are here to help.

SRA processes proposals and awards from federal and public funding sources, while FSURF manages those from private/foreign entities. Both departments have both pre/post-award staff ready to answer any questions you might have. 

SRA (federal/public funding) -

FSURF (private/foreign funding) -

Does your research involve human subjects? The FSU Office for Human Subjects Protection has created an extensive list of FAQs on their website.

Visit their FAQ for more information

The Office for Clinical Research Advancement (OCRA) provides guidance, tools, resources and facilitation to help faculty, staff and students successfully navigate clinical and human subjects research at FSU and with its community healthcare partners.

Click here to visit their website and learn more.


The Office of Research Compliance Training page has resources to provide further information on various compliance topics. These include, but are not limited to, Conflict of Interest, export controls, research misconduct, foreign influence, and the responsible conduct of research.

An online module which provides an overview of FSU policies and guidance from various authorities regarding the risk of foreign influence on research, as well as helping to identify where additional information can be located on FSU’s websites.

Research Integrity & Foreign Influence: A Quick Primer

These matrices, which can be found on the Research Administration Manual Website, include the various roles and responsibilities involved in research administration and designate who is responsible, accountable, supporting, consulted, and informed (as applicable) for each activity.

Project Matrices

These workflow maps, which can be found on the Research Administration Manual Website, layout the steps involved in various research administration activities. If you want to know who does what and when, this is where to look.

Proposal Preparation

Project Management

Project Closeout

Research Administration

Are you new to research administration? A little confused about some of the terminology, and processes? No worries! Get a quick primer here.

The eSPEAR Research Administration Certificate Series is an educational certificate program offered by the Office of the Vice President of Research that has been designed to ensure that FSU research administrators have the foundational knowledge they need to provide the highest quality of support possible to FSU researchers. eSPEAR delivers the fundamental concepts of conducting research administration at FSU and introduces individuals to the resources available to assist them in meeting the responsibilities of their position.

Learn more about the eSPEAR certificate

In addition to the eSPEAR Certificate series, the Office of Research also provides a number of live advanced courses on a variety of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, finding project funding, human subjects research, best practices for data management and more.

Advanced eSPEAR Courses - Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Schedule

The Research Administration Manual (RAM) is an online resource which covers all of the components of sponsored research administration at FSU. The tool is divided into categories (pre-award, post-award, etc.) so you can quickly and easily find references and assistance for many topics. 

Go to the RAM Website

The Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP) is a multipurpose online platform which is used to apply for funding and track proposals. Additionally, the system provides tools for the development and management of ACUC and IRB protocols and for the management of subcontracts, contract negotiations, and export controls. 

Training Materials and Resources

  1. An Introduction to RAMP - a brief online module which provides an overview of what RAMP is, and how you might use it for various research administrative related tasks.
  2. RAMP Interactive Guides - an interactive resource which provide details on proposal and budget creation in RAMP.
  3. RAMP Training Materials page - reference materials on RAMP, including how-to guides, recorded online training sessions, and more.
  4. RAMP Help Desk Support - available during normal business hours to assist with technical issues and/or other inquiries. To contact RAMP support simply send an email to one of the contacts listed below:

RAMP Help Desk Contacts
Export Controls:

The Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey is the primary source of information on research and development expenditures at U.S. colleges and universities. In order to ensure FSU is capturing all research expenditures, all Budget Managers and/or Departmental accounting reps are being asked to review non-research funding sources to determine if there are any research expenditures that need to be reported.

The following job aid provides step-by-step instructions for how to review these expenditures:

This document provides a listing of E&G Departments & Foundation Accounts that are not classified as Research and included in the review:

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Jenn Garye in the Office of Research at (850) 644-1385, or via email at


Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Up2Speed Video Training Series

A collection of short videos (under 2 minutes) which explain various components associated with sponsored research administration.

This video is for those new to sponsored project research administration, and covers a few of the basics of working in this field.

Summarizes the basics of 2 CFR Part 200, commonly referred to as Uniform Guidance, and the impact it imparts in sponsored project research here at FSU.

Explains the basics of the proposal development and submission process at FSU.

In this video series we'll look at indirect costs - commonly referred to as F&A - and how it factors into preparing budgets for sponsored projects at FSU. The first video explains indirect costs, and parts 2 and 3 look at a couple of common indirect cost bases used to recover overhead on sponsored projects.

Part 1 - Indirect Costs Explained

Part 2 - Total Direct Cost Base

Part 3 - Modified Total Direct Cost Base

An introduction to the reconciliation process used at FSU on sponsored projects.

An introduction to subawards, as well as a couple of important things to keep in mind when working with these agreements.

Learn about the importance of the HERD survey - what it is, and how data from the survey helps the university.

In this video the concept of "allowability" is explored - whether an item can be charged to a sponsored project.

 Have an idea for a helpful resource which isn't listed here? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email and we will consider adding it to the available resources above.