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Winter 2022 Issue

Learn more about her immediate goals for her new role, the journey that led her to Tallahassee, and the people who inspired her along the way. 

Service Spotlight: Proposal Editing

Office of Research Development offers a variety of proposal development services, including editing support. Our team requires at least 1 week for copy editing and 2 weeks for content editing of full proposals. We can also work with you throughout the writing process reviewing smaller sections as they are completed. Contact your Research Development Coordinator today!

Resource Spotlight: Overleaf

The Office of Research has recently partnered with FSU Libraries
to provide Overleaf, an online cloud-based LaTeX editor that is used for writing, editing, and publishing scientific documents, to the FSU community.

If you or someone in your department is interested in obtaining access, please email Beth Hodges in ORD at

To learn more, visit:

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Congratulations Faculty Awardees!

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Upcoming Limited Submissions Deadlines

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