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Proposal Services List

Not sure where to start? Check out our Proposal Development Packages!

Note: The following services are provided by the Office of Research Development, a unit of the Office of Research at Florida State University. ORD is not a component of Sponsored Research Administration or the FSU Research Foundation (co-equal parts of the Office of Research), the FSU Foundation, or University Business Administration. ORD compliments but does not replace SRA, FSURF, and/or Department-/College-based grants support staff. We also do not hold final responsibility for proposal content, nor do we approve proposal submission. For more information about the roles and responsibilities in the proposal development process, please see the Research Administration Manual.

Planning Services

Solicitation Checklist

ORD will “shred” the funding opportunity solicitation and sponsor guidelines pulling out each unique component of the proposal narrative, budget, and supporting documentation.

Proposal Outline

Includes all required headings and sections along with a recommended narrative outline that ensures compliance, responds to evaluation criteria, and maximizes efficiency.


Working backwards from the sponsor due date, we create a timeline that includes all proposal tasks while considering external factors like teaching responsibilities, travel, and holidays.

Production plan

We combine the funding opportunity checklist, proposal outline, and timeline, and ensure that everyone involved in the proposal knows their responsibilities, deliverables, and deadlines.

Production Services

Document Preparation   

ORD will manage the collection of information and supporting documents from proposal team members (especially those outside of FSU) and revise them according to solicitation and funding agency guidelines.

Team Management

Create and maintain an online collaboration and project management system utilizing Microsoft Teams. We’ll also stay on top of team members to make sure we’re meeting the timeline.

Graphic Design

ORD provides limited support for graphics and illustrations. We also help proposals that require multi-media components such as web pages and video pitches.

Budget Development

In certain circumstances, ORD provides proposal budget and budget justification development services. This service is limited to researchers in departments that do not have in-house budget or grants compliance staff and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  

Proofing Services


Our editors require at least one-week turnaround time for copy editing, and two weeks for content editing. We can also work with you throughout the proposal writing process by reviewing one section at a time as they are written.

Mock Peer Reviews 

Mock reviews (sometimes called “Red Teams”) are pre-submission review panels that follow the sponsor’s proposal review format and use the funding opportunity’s evaluation criteria. Mock reviews provide constructive comments, and a realistic estimate of the proposal’s competitiveness. All mock reviews are conducted by FSU faculty, and are considered confidential. 

Handoff to SRA/FSURF

In cooperation with the PI and department/college staff, ORD will facilitate the preparation proposals in RAMP and in sponsor submission systems prior to the hand-off to Sponsored Research Administration or the FSU Research Foundation for final review and submission.