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Sponsored Research Certificate Series Schedule

To register, log in to OMNI and navigate to: Human Resources 9.0 > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment > Search by Date (this option will provide a list of all future courses with available sessions) > View available sessions > Choose a session number > Follow the prompts to submit your request. To view the course description, click on the icon. To cancel registration, call the Office of Training and Organizational Development at 850.644.8724.

Course Number Title  Date  Time  Location Description
SRA01 Prop Basic/Elec Submission Sys 01/23/2018  8:30-10:30  Training Center Proposal Basics/Electronic Submission Systems: This session will be hands-on focusing on the fundamentals of proposal development from searching for funding opportunities to proposal and budget preparation. Participants will be introduced to the various systems used to
submit proposals to the Federal Government. Systems that will be introduced in this session are, Fastlane and FedConnect.
SRA02 Advances/Cost Transfers 01/17/2018  8:30-10:00 SSB301 Advances/Cost Transfers: This session will provide an overview of the advance and cost transfer process, policy and procedures.
SRA03 SRA Financial Management 01/30/2018  2:30-4:30 Dirac Library SRA Financial Management: This session will encompass compliance requirements and OMNI inquiry/OBI reporting tools for managing Sponsored projects including looking up available balances by project/department and running monthly reports.
SRA04 Hands on Budget 04/03/2018  2:30-4:30 Training Center Hands on Budget: This session will provide a hands-on approach to prepare proposal budgets, budgetary amendments (adding and deducting funding from projects), and re-budgeting among categories and projects.
SRA05 FSURF Acct Recon & Disbmt Proc 02/14/2018  2:30-4:30 Training Center FSURF Account Reconciliation and Disbursement Procedures:This session will include hands on steps for reviewing and reconciling reports as well as completing payment requests for disbursement. This will include in depth discussions regarding the Research Foundation's accounting and
disbursement procedures.
SRA07 Cost Sharing 04/18/2018  8:30-10:30  SSB301 Cost Sharing: This session will include the basic steps required for committing cost sharing at the proposal stage and then budgeting and spending at the award stage.
SRA08 Finding Funding for Your Project 01/11/2018  8:30-9:30 Training Center Finding Funding for your Project: This session will provide information about different search engines available for use and will guide participants through a search process demonstration. The presenter will also talk about ways that the Office of Research can help with your quest to find funds.
SRA09 Effort Commitments & Certif 02/21/2018  3:00-4:00  SSB301 Effort Commitments and Certifications: This session will session will provide an overview of the commitment to certification cycle.
SRA10 Subcontracting and Audit Requirements 05/02/2018  2:30-4:30  SSB301 Subcontracting/ OMB Circular A-133: This session will provide an overview of the subcontract development/negotiation, execution, invoicing processes and the applicability of OMB Circular A-133, Single Audit Act.
SRA11 Award Negotiation. & Processes 02/13/2018  8:30-10:00  SSB301 Award Negotiations and Processing/ Federal Acquisition and Regulation Clauses:  This session will include the basic steps required for review and negotiation of new awards. Additionally, terms and condition and reporting requirements imposed by FAR clauses in sponsored projects.
SRA12 NIH 03/07/2018  8:30-10:30  SSB301 National Institutes of Health: This session will provide detailed insight into NIH which will include type of grants issued, Public Health Service Financial Conflict of Interest, budgets, applications, and ERA commons.
SRA13 Tuition Waivers and Project 03/01/2018  8:30-10:30  SSB301 An overview of how tuition is charged to sponsored projects for graduate students working on awards.
SRA14 NSF 02/15/2018  2:30-4:30  SSB301 National Science Foundation: This session will be hands-on walking participants through proposal submission requirements, creating a budget, FAST Lane, amendments and award terms and conditions.
SRA15 Animal Care 05/10/2018  2:30-4:30 Training Center In order for Researchers to use animals on sponsored projects they must adhere to specific federal and university regulations, policies and procedures. This session will cover the history, laws, and Federal oversight as well as FSU's policies and procedures.
SRA16 Financial Project Closeout 04/12/2018  3:30-4:30 Training Center Project Closeout: This session will provide participants with hands-on information concerning the administrative and financial closeout process for sponsored projects.
SRA17 F&A Costs/ Auxiliaries 02/27/2018  3:30-4:30  SSB301 Facilities and Administrative Costs/ Auxiliaries: This session will provide an overview of the F&A rate development, application and distribution processes in addition to auxiliary rate development, appropriate rates and allowability of auxiliary charges on sponsored projects.
SRA18 Intellectual Property 05/08/2018  8:30-9:30  SSB301 Intellectual Property: This session will focus on the intellectual property right protections used to safe guard research 
SRA21 State of Florida Agencies 03/29/2018  8:30-10:30  SSB301 State of Florida Agencies: This session will focus on the proposal submission processes, terms and conditions, and budgetary and programmatic amendments to State of Florida sponsored awards.
SRA22 Human Subjects 05/23/2018  2:30-4:30 Training Center Human Subjects: This session will cover the federal regulations governing the protection of human subjects in order to facilitate the research efforts of FSU faculty, students and staff.
SRA27 Admini Require & Cost Principl 05/15/2018  2:30-4:30  SSB301 This session will provide in-depth information concerning Administrative Requirements and their applicability to Cost Principles
SRA28 Export Controls and Conflict of Interest 04/26/2018  8:30-9:30  SSB301 Export Controls and Conflict of Interest: This session will provide an overview of the laws used to regulate the dissemination of material to foreign persons/nationals through export controls and conflict of interest policies and procedures as it relates to different funding agencies.