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Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Submitting proposals, executing and managing awards, and the conduct of research at FSU involve many different people and offices. While there may be variations depending on department, college, or the particular proposal, this matrix outlines who has primary responsibility for each activity.

FSU Proposal and Award Information

FSU Sponsored Research Listserv

The FSU Sponsored Research listserv is a tool for distributing important research related information directly to interested faculty and staff of Florida State University. The listserv will be used only on a limited basis and for information with broad applicability to the University’s researchers and research support staff. Examples of message topics for this group include major changes at common funding agencies (for example, NIH and NSF), training opportunities, and other internal and external announcements that are pertinent to those involved in research activities.

The FSU Sponsored Research listserv does not have a reply function so it will not be possible for members to send messages to the group. By disabling the reply function and limiting the number of messages distributed, participation in the listserv should not fill your inbox with unnecessary emails.

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Click here to manage your listserv options such as passwords and daily digest mode, in addition to subscribing and unsubscribing if the above links do not work with your email client.

For more information on this listserv please contact Esther Wheeler at

This service is only for FSU faculty, staff and students.

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