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Animal Use Protocol Submission And Review Process For Projects Associated With the FSU Film School, School of Theatre and Other Arts

The ACUC recognizes that for departments other than traditional research departments, potential animal users may not be aware of the regulations associated with animal use, nor with the penalties that might accrue to the University should animal use in credit earning projects not be approved in accordance with federal regulations. The Committee is aware that the approval process places additional work upon both teachers and students and has created both a special form for this purpose as well as allows for a more streamlined process for approval. Individuals in these non-research areas should be aware that not only is such approval required by federal regulation but it also enhances the relationship of FSU with the public, demonstrating to the public that the University is concerned with all use of animals by the University community.

For clarification, if a production or project uses animals and involves individuals receiving course credit for participation, such production or project would fall under the oversight of the FSU ACUC as animals used in teaching. Project or production supervisors should either ensure that a request for ACUC review and approval be submitted and approved in advance or provide the Committee with a statement that no course credit was extended to individuals involved in the production. If there is any question whether a production or project falls into this category, it is the responsibility of the supervisor, chair, dean or director to contact the ACUC Secretary for guidance.

Should a production or project require ACUC approval, a form must be submitted for each production, describing all animal use planned or performed, at least 2 weeks prior to any animal use. This will permit the Committee to perform its federally mandated oversight function to ensure University compliance with Federal regulations. The Committee recognizes that changes to any project may occur at the last minute and, therefore, a protocol may need to be submitted on short notice. However, students should be encouraged to keep these occurrences to a minimum.

The application is submitted to the ACUC Secretary in the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources office. The ACUC Secretary then forwards a copy of the protocol to the LAR veterinarians for a pre-review. These individuals conduct a preliminary review with an eye to helping the investigator eliminate any stumbling blocks to approval by the full Committee. Suggested modifications and questions are provided to the person that has filed the protocol. The LAR staff is available for consultation and is often able to assist with locating animals suitable for the productions.

When possible, the abbreviated protocol is presented for approval at a regularly convened ACUC meeting. However, as often changes occur close to the time of production, the option of an expedited review is available.

The FSU ACUC expedited review system is initiated upon request and with justification by the protocol's submitter. The protocol is submitted to the entire ACUC for a 48 hour review period. ACUC members may send comments or questions to the designated reviewers. The designated reviewers will contact the submitter for clarifications or if modifications are requested. At the end of the 48 hour review period, if no member has called for a full committee review, the designated reviewers will vote either for approval, requires modifications or disapproval status. The decision will be transmitted to the protocol submitter shortly after being made and presented at the next full committee meeting for administrative confirmation. All records of the process are maintained by the ACUC Secretary.

If last minute modifications to the production are necessary following approval, students are required to contact one of the LAR Veterinarians for approval prior to making any changes. The LAR Veterinarian will then report on the modification at the next ACUC meeting.

Minutes of the ACUC meetings and related correspondence are maintained in the ACUC Secretary’s office.

On occasion projects request the use of animal tissue rather than live animals. These productions/projects also must be reviewed by the FSU Animal Care and Use Committee for reasons related both to public concern over source and health reasons related to the handling of animal parts. Individuals should follow the above instructions for protocol submission. Also, individuals should be aware that certain precautions are necessary when handling animal carcasses or tissue. Please review the FSU EH&S guidelines on this subject.