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Getting Started with Animal Research at FSU

Several steps are required to begin animal work at FSU.  The following checklist is provided to ensure you have completed all necessary requirements.

Training Enrollment Form
Complete this form to request enrollment in the AALAS Learning Library and to receive information regarding other protocol specific training requirements. Completion of this form does not constitute approval to begin working with animals or to access animal facilities.

Medical Monitoring Enrollment (PDF) - (DOC)
Please submit the completed form to campus Environmental Health & Safety via fax (850-644-8842), in a sealed envelope through Campus Mail (mail code 4481), or deliver it to 1200 Carothers Hall. Your enrollment in the Occupational Health Program will not be complete until Environmental Health & Safety receives your form. Laboratory Animal Resources personnel cannot accept completed forms because these forms contain confidential medical information.

LAR Animal Facility Access Request
Complete this form to request access to BRF, COM, KING, and PDB animal facilities. Please note, access for undergraduate students and OPS employees will terminate on August 15th of each year. Annual completion of the Animal Facility Access Request form is required if continued access is desired.

ACUC Approved Animal Use Protocol
All animal work, including a list of ALL personnel performing animal procedures, MUST be described in an ACUC approved Animal Use Protocol.  A Personnel Significant Change Form must be used to add personnel to an existing Animal Use Protocol.  For assistance, contact