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Personnel Training Requirements

Laboratory personnel must complete LAR orientation, available through the AALAS Learning Library, and the AALAS Learning Library modules, Working with the IACUC and Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals. Additionally, EHS training modules, Using Hazardous Agents in Research Animals, Anesthetic Gas Safety, and Biological Safety for Researchers, are required based on protocol content. Field researchers complete the Working with the IACUC module and an EHS training module, Safety in the Field. Personnel working on marine vessels must provide documentation of boat/dive safety training. Research personnel must complete Working with the IACUC triennially. Other refresher training topics may include common compliance issues, hazard safety, and new LAR and ACUC guidelines and procedures.

During protocol review, the ACUC evaluates personnel training relative to proposed procedures and species. If training deficits are identified, the ACUC mandates additional training or addition of qualified personnel prior to work commencement. Assessments of personnel training are made during LAR rounds visits and ACUC semiannual inspections.

LAR conducts regularly scheduled wet-labs to provide training in animal handling and experimental manipulation. LAR provides individualized training upon request. Contact Dr. Kathleen Harper at 850-644-0623 to learn about upcoming training opportunities or to schedule individual training.