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ACUC Membership

The roles, responsibilities and composition of the FSU Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) are defined by both United States Department of Agriculture and the Public Health Service regulations and guidelines. Florida State University follows PHS policy regarding the membership of its institutional animal care and use committee. Individuals appointed as ACUC members must either have or gain the experience and expertise needed to assess the research facility's animal use program, animal housing and procedure facilities and the procedures used in the course of animal use in teaching and research.

This requires at least five members which must include the following:

  • a veterinarian with training or experience in laboratory animal science and medicine, who has direct or delegated authority and responsibility for activities involving animals at the institution;
  • a practicing scientist experienced in research with animals;
  • a member whose primary concerns are in a nonscientific area; and
  • a member who is not affiliated with the institution other than as a member of the IACUC (otherwise referred to as a community representative).*

Due to the size of the FSU animal research program, additional scientific members may be included to insure representation from all disciplines that utilize animals for either research or teaching.

The committee membership also includes several non-voting members representing FSU Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Vice President for Research legal counsel, and the ACUC Coordinator.

Committee members are appointed for 2 year terms with the exception of the attending veterinarian (and alternate veterinarian), community members and the non-voting members.

Key ACUC Contacts:

Dr. Gary K. Ostrander - Institutional Official and Vice President for Research
Dr. Paul Q. Trombley - ACUC Chair
Dr. William Hill - Attending Veterinarian
Mrs. Kim Johnson - ACUC Coordinator

You may request a complete list of the current FSU ACUC membership by contacting the ACUC Secretary.

*The community representative serves the interest of the general community with regard to the proper care and use of animals at Florida State University. They are not laboratory animal users affiliated with the university, or immediate family members of a person who is affiliated with the university. These members have equal status (e.g., voting) to every other committee member and are provided the opportunity to participate in all aspects of ACUC functions.