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Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

If you have concerns or questions regarding the use of animals in research or a specific animal use protocol, or if you suspect that there is a case of animal abuse or misuse, you are encouraged to reports your concerns to the University administration for investigation. Reports may be made anonymously, however individuals reporting concerns are asked to provide their name, as they may be valuable witnesses during any ensuing investigation.

All reports will be treated with confidentiality to the extent allowable by law and investigated fully. Animal abuse or neglect will not be tolerated at Florida State University. The University makes every attempt to maintain the highest possible standards for animal welfare. As a sign of this, FSU was accredited with AAALAC (Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), an international independent accrediting organization, in 2002. The administration, veterinary and animal care staff and the IACUC are committed to meeting or surpassing all applicable government guidelines and regulations for animal care and use, ensuring that animals used on campus are well cared for, used appropriately and in minimal numbers. This applies to all animals, whether used for teaching or research. Florida State University has both an ethical as well as a scientific responsibility to ensure that animals are used in a humane fashion and acknowledges the right of both University members as well as the general public to be concerned over animal welfare and use.

The following individuals will accept your questions or concerns:
Dr. Gary K. Ostrander
Vice President for Research

Dr. Paul Q. Trombley
Chairman, Animal Care and Use Committee

Dr. Eric H. Holmes
Interim Director
Laboratory Animal Resources

Dr. Kathleen Harper
Attending Veterinarian

Reporting Animal Welfare and Health Concerns


Report any animal health problems to the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources at 644-4262. For animal emergencies after hours and on holidays contact: FSU Police at 644-1234. Ask them to contact the LAR On-Call Staff.

Report heating, ventilating, cooling or other facility problems to Laboratory Animal Resources at 644-4262
After hours and on holidays, contact FSU Service Center at 644-2424
They will contact the LAR On-Call and Physical Plant Staff

Keep Animal Facility and/or Room Doors locked at ALL times.
Report any unusual activity or suspicious activity to FSU Police at 644-1234