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Research Areas

undefined Magnetism and Superconductivity
Magnetic materials with novel physical properties are investigated to understand and control interactions at the unit cell level.
undefined Biomaterials
Biological and biocompatible materials exhibit a variety of unique properties that enable biological functions.
undefined Nanomaterials
When the dimensions of bulk materials are reduced to the nanometer the material properties can change dramatically.
undefined Electronics and Energy
The electronic material research is mainly focused on developing experimental and theoretical techniques for the sensing and quantification of temperature, pressure, chemical and biological species based on nano-material and nano-structure and the optimization of the sensitivity, selectivity, and stability of these sensors.
undefined Computation and Theory
Florida State University has a wide range computational and theoretical materials research activities in the Department of Scientific Computing, Physics Department, Chemistry Department and the College Engineering.
undefined Materials Chemistry and Physics
Vibrant and diverse research pursued by FSU chemist and physicists covers a broad range of contemporary materials and methods, from the synthesis to cutting-edge characterization techniques.
undefined  Polymers and Composites
Synthetic and natural polymers may self-assemble in a number of different morphologies and at all levels of length scales.
undefined Physics
The interests of the Brooks group are twofold: first, to understand organic "small molecule" crystalline materials in terms of structure and function; and second, to consider if and how such materials might eventually enter the realm of device applicability.