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Pivoting on Research

New Research Ideas and Strategies for a New Time

Pivoting on Research is a webinar series that responds to research challenges brought upon by the current pandemic. Each webinar addresses a specific topic about changing research foci, methods, and strategies.

Part One: Adjusting your Human Subject Data Collection during COVID-19

Guest Speaker: Michelle Kazmer, Professor in the School of Information & Associate Dean in the College of Communication & Information

Part Two: Remote Research Security and Technology Tools

Guest Speakers: Brian Rue, Associate Director for risk management, compliance, and privacy at the Office of Information Security and Privacy; Megan Del Debbio, ITS Marketing Communications Manager 

Part Three: Managing Online Research Surveys

Guest Speaker: Amanda Tazaz, Associate in Research at the Learning Systems Institute 

Part Four: Further Considerations and Tips for Virtual Human Subjects Research

Guest Speakers: Heather Flynn, Professor and Vice-Chair of the College of Medicine in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine; Laura Steacy, Assistant Professor of Special Education at the School of Teacher Education and Florida Center for Reading Research

Part Five: Human Subjects Research: Recruiting Children and At-Risk Populations

Guest Speaker: T. Howard Stone, Director of the Office for Human Subjects Protection