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Are You Considering a Large, Complex or Multi-Disciplinary Grant Proposal?

One important resource ORD provides is assistance in development of proposals for large ($1M+), complex and/or multi-disciplinary grants. There is no charge to FSU departments or colleges for ORD services.

ORD can help by:

  • Identifying collaborators: Recommending potential FSU-based faculty who can bring needed complementary expertise to the proposal
  • Identifying external partners: Recommending and coordinating with other universities, non-profits, industry, and local, state and federal agencies on multi-partner proposals
  • Proposal coordination: Assisting the PI with a project management style approach to proposal development including coordinating meetings (virtual and in person) of the proposal team, tracking receipt of requested items and follow-up with team members, collecting and organizing bio-sketches and letters of support
  • Information Sharing: Facilitation of online document sharing among team members
  • Gather/edit non-technical information: Gathering background information, institutional data, and template information based on the PIs’ plans; aggregating information such as conflict of interest lists from investigators’ bio-sketches
  • Graphics assistance: Developing infographics (flow charts, illustrations, etc.) based on PIs’ ideas and plans
  • Review and editing: Providing editorial-level review focused on style, flow and compliance with the proposal specifications; coordinating peer grant review of proposals; formatting and stylistic editing

ORD’s level of involvement is up to the PI. ORD staff are available to attend team meetings for planning purposes or to assist with timeline development at the request of the PI. Scheduling of ORD staff time is handled primarily on a first-come, first-served basis so ORD should be contacted early in the planning process.

For assistance with your large proposal please contact: Mike Mitchell