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ORD Mock Review Panel Program

ORD's Mock Review Panel Program can help you improve your proposal prior to submission.

What is a mock review?

A mock review is a pre-submission review of a PI's proposal.

The goal of the mock review is to provide constructive comments on a proposal prior to submission and ultimately to increase the likelihood of the proposal being funded.

Why should you engage in a mock review?

A mock review will allow you to get feedback on both the science and the format of your proposal prior to the agency review. With a mix of experienced reviewers --some familiar with your work or field and others with specific agency review experience-- many issues can be identified and addressed, prior to the agency review of your proposal.

How does it work?

If interested, you will apply to ORD for a mock review session. To be eligible, you must submit your request at least 7 weeks prior to the agency deadline and you must have your completed draft ready 6 weeks prior to the agency deadline. The review will be scheduled with enough time for you to consider the comments and make changes prior to the submission date.

Once you submit your request, an ORD staff member will help identify reviewers and contact you with a proposed timeline.

The actual review is a 1-hour session. You may invite members of your team (if applicable) to the review to listen with you and help you brainstorm strategies to address reviewer concerns. Your review will include 2-3 reviewers.  At the time of the review, reviewers will have approximately 15 minutes each to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal. During this time, the PI will not ask questions, but is asked to take notes. The remainder of the hour is open for you to ask questions and discuss comments with the reviewers. To respect the reviewers’ time, the session will not go over one hour.

Because this process is not specific to any particular agency, the review will not be set up like any particular agency review process (e.g., study section). Reviewers will be provided with your proposal documents, along with your biosketch/CV, and the RFP and scoring criteria from the agency. If your proposal is a resubmission, you may be asked to include the previous review comments and your introductory response to reviewers (if applicable). Each reviewer will be asked to prepare their comments in advance. They may provide any written comments to you at their discretion. 

The session will take place via Zoom and will be recorded.  You will be provided with a link to the Zoom recording following the session which may be used, along with your written notes, to refine your proposal. 

Reviewers are not asked to commit to any further review of the proposal after the mock review has concluded.


All reviewers and mock review attendees are reminded that the materials under review and the recording are confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside of the mock review.

Mock Review Sessions for NIH R01s and U01s

ORD hosts special rounds of mock reviews for researchers preparing National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 and U01 proposals.  These are led by our Research Development Coordinator for Health and Life Sciences, Dr. Nicole Viverito (

Mock Review Sessions for Spring 2023 new R01 and U01 submissions (NIH application deadline: Feb 5)

  • Send an email to Nicole expressing interest by Fri, Dec 2
  • Send a completed proposal draft to Nicole by Fri, Dec 9

Mock Review Sessions for Summer 2023 new R01 and U01 submissions (NIH application deadline: Jun 5)

  • Send an email to Nicole expressing interest by Mon, Apr 17
  • Send a completed proposal draft to Nicole by Mon, Apr 24

(Please submit inquiries regarding R01 resubmissions/renewals or other NIH funding mechanisms to Nicole at

Reach out to ORD to learn more about mock review sessions at