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Pivoting on Research Part Five:

Human Subjects Research: Recruiting Children and At-Risk Populations

June 19, 2020

In this webinar, T. Howard Stone discusses children and other “at risk” persons as vulnerable human research participants (human subjects). Items covered include “Who is vulnerable, and why,” “How are vulnerable human subjects protected,” and “What to include in protocols.”

About the Speaker


T. Howard Stone is the Director of Office for Human Subjects Protection at Florida State University. Mr. Stone previously served as an IRB Vice-Chair and member of IRBs at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Tyler, University of Louisville, and University of Texas Medical Branch. His JD is from New York Law School, LLM from the University of Houston Law Center, and post-doctoral K01 support provided through the NIH Career Development Program in Research Ethics. Stone has served as Principal Investigator and Project Director for numerous NIH, CDC, and foundation grants and cooperative agreements.