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Research Participant Gift Cards

After engaging with key stakeholders from across campus, FSU Procurement Services has introduced a new National Gift Card (NGC) supplier catalog for the purchase of Gift Cards used as non-cash incentives to non-employees that are participants in research studies. This punch-out catalog within SpearMart allows for gift cards to be purchased through the purchase order process and sent directly to the requester, with e-invoicing from NGC to settle the invoice payment. National Gift Card is an easy-to-use catalog offering a variety of gift cards from various suppliers, such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Publix. Once the order is approved, a purchase order is sent electronically to the supplier, and the gift cards are distributed within 1-3 days either by mail or electronically via email. Using National Gift Card streamlines the ordering process and eliminates the need for staff to utilize the cash advance process and leave campus to shop for gift cards. 


This process can only be used with C&G funding.  They must initially be purchased with SRAD or other non-sponsored funds and then the expense moved to appropriate Sponsored Project.


For more information about the National Gift Card process, catalog and FAQs go to: