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Post-Award Roles and Responsibilities of Managing and Closing an Award

Managing a Sponsored Award is a collaborative effort between departmental staff, PIs and Sponsored Research Administration (SRA). Working together provides dual benefits, compliance and research.

Principal Investigator

  • Assures appropriateness, reasonableness and allowability of expenditures
  • Manages expenditures to not exceed available award balance
  • Reviews and certifies effort reporting in FACET as required
  • Initiates requests for rebudgeting and cost transfers
  • Approves payment of subcontractor invoices
  • Reviews interim financial reports provided by SRA as required
  • Submits deliverables/progress and or technical reports
  • Ensure cost share requirements have been met
  • Verify subrecipients have completed their work and invoices have been submitted
  • Certify final expenditures
  • Forward any audit requests received to SRA


Department Staff

  • Work with the PI to assure appropriateness, reasonableness and allowability of expenditures
  • Prepare rebudgeting documents and submit to SRA for approval
  • Provides oversight of sponsored project administration, including cost transfers and effort reporting
  • Notify SRA of time extension requests
  • Clear outstanding encumbrances at closeout of award
  • Verify all expenditures have posted correctly
  • Prepare documents to transfer property to another funding source
  • Retains technical and financial information related to sponsored awards
  • Work with SRA to collect audit documentation when requested 


Sponsored Research - Post-Award

  • Review expenditures over $1,000 threshold, monitor expenditures categories, review and approve all personnel action forms
  • Review and approve/deny all cost transfers
  • Prepares and submits financial reports and invoices to sponsors as required
  • Draw funds on letters of credit and reconciles accounts as required
  • Notifies departments of upcoming sponsored awards that are closing
  • Facilitates the Subaward closeout process
  • Prepare journal entries to transfer over-runs to another funding source
  • Submits Final Financial Reports
  • Returns funds to agency as necessary
  • Submit Property Reports
  • Financially closeout sponsored awards in the accounting system
  • Retains financial records
  • Organize audit documentation and respond to audit requests