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Policies and Procedures



  1. Animal Use in Research
  2. Campus Cost Sharing Procedures
  3. Dual Employment Compensation 
  4. Effort Commitment Data Entry in FACET
  5. Effort Commitments During No-Cost Extension Periods
  6. F&A Guidance
  7. Guidance for Allowable Start Spend Date
  8. Guidance on Direct Charging Computers and Other Information Technology Devices to Sponsored Projects
  9. Guidance on Direct Charging Normalized Compute Unit (NCU) Services to Federally-Funded Projects
  10. Limited Submissions Procedures
  11. NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy     **NEW**
  12. NSF Safe and Inclusive Work Environment Plan for Off-Campus Research Template and Guidance
  13. Paid Parental Leave Procedures
  14. Procedures for Advances
  15. Procedures for Award Notifications and Approvals
  16. Procedures for Participant Support Costs
  17. Program Income Procedures
  18. Sponsored Project vs Auxiliary Decision Tree
  19. SRAD Account Management
  20. Subcontracting  
  21. Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures
  22. Supplemental Information Regarding the Policy on Salary Supplement for the Health Insurance Subsidy
  23. Terminal Leave Memo 
  24. Waiver Manual  


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