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Pre-Award Responsibilities

SRA is here to help you manage the administrative and financial aspects of your award. Please see below for more information on common requests handled by pre-award. If you’d like more information, please contact us.

When more time and funding are added to a project, SRA will receive an official award amendment from the sponsor. If the time and funding were originally proposed, SRA will need the PI’s approval of the amendment and a budget amendment form. If the time and funding were not in the original proposal, SRA will need a budget amendment form and the PI’s approval, as well as all standard proposal documents for the additional time and funding. This includes a proposal transmittal form, budget, budget justification, and scope of work.

If the project plan or goals have not been completed and the PI has the funds to continue working past the original end date, the PI may request a no-cost time extension (NCTE). Each sponsor has different requirements for this. Check with your Grants Officer to determine what your sponsor requires. Internally, SRA will require PI, chair, and dean approval of the NCTE along with an explanation of what will be completed with the remaining balance.

In the event a PI leaves FSU and would like to take an award to her or his new institution, the PI’s chair and dean must approve of the award leaving with the PI. Remember, awards are made to FSU, not the individual PI. Each sponsor has different requirements. Check with your Grants Officer to determine what your sponsor requires.

Check with a subawards coordinator to determine what is required to manage your subaward.

FACET (Faculty Assignments, Commitments & Effort Certification Tracking) is Florida State University's official employee activity reporting system (i.e., time tracking system). We track employee "effort" in order to document how various types of funds are used to support university personnel activities. Effort reporting is required for compliance with federal and state regulations governing sponsored research and other activities at the University.

Effort Reporting is a method by which employees document their total distribution of effort for each reporting period (semester) into pre-defined categories. These categories include activities such as instruction, research, and public service to the community. The University uses this information to support salary expenditures related to sponsored projects,  to comply with Florida law, and to perform funding metrics.

Any employee  who receives funds from a sponsored project, or is officially committed to perform work for a sponsored project, is required to certify  his/her effort each semester.

Follow this link for more information.

Post-Award Responsibilities

Once an award is executed, SRA Post-Award has central oversight responsibilities to ensure funds are spent in accordance with the applicable regulations, terms and conditions of the award, as well as University policies and procedures.  Our department handles all billing and submission of financial reports.  Other functions we are responsible for include financial monitoring of subrecipients, review and approval of subrecipient invoices, managing accounts receivable and sponsor payments, responding to internal and external audits, completing the Facilities & Administrative rate proposal, managing the fund for indirect cost recoveries, and institutional wide research reporting.

The following topics should help provide guidance on relevant sponsored research tasks related to managing contracts and grants.  Please contact your Accounting Coordinator with any outstanding questions or concerns.

Post-Award Staff Assignments

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