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Useful Queries


FS_SP_GM_PROJ_INFO8 – Find a project by Award Title or Agency award number

FSU_SP_AM_CURR_ASSETS – Property on a Project

FSU_DPT_GL_JOURNALS-  Journal by Journal ID, Date, Project, or Account Code.

FSU_SP_CA_PROJ_DEPT_OPEN – All open projects for a specific PI, Department ID, or Reference ID.

FSU_SP_CA_PROJECT_EXP_DTL – All Expenditures including description, Voucher ID, Vendor Name, Analysis Type

FSU_SP_LOOK_UP_DEPT – Award period, Contract Number, Available Budget

FSU_SP_GL_JOURNALS_EXP – All Expenditures by Accounting Period including Journal IDs

FSU_SP_GL_JOURNALS_REV – All Revenue Journal Entries by Accounting Period

FSU_SP_GM_CUMUL_PROJ_BUD – Cumulative Budget by Categories

FSU_SP_KK_DTL_ENC_PROJ – All Encumbrances

FSU_SP_KK_DTL_EXP_PROJ – All Expenditures


FSU_ACTIVE_EMPLOYEE_LIST – All employees’ current appointment by Dept ID

FSU_FUNDING_BY_RANGE_DEPT – Funding for all employees for a department by specific date range

FSU_FUNDING_HISTORY_COMBO_JOB – All funding history for an employee by EMPLID