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OHSP Staff

T. Howard Stone
Julie Haltiwanger
Senior IRB Administrator
Compliance Analyst
Mary Livings
IRB Administrator
Annette Allman​
IRB Administrator

IRB Administrator Assignments

Each RAMP IRB submission is upon Pre-Review generally assigned to a specific IRB Coordinator to prepare and manage the submitted study for IRB review, as applicable. Note that once submitted and during the life cycle of a study, the assigned IRB Coordinator is subject to change.

To check the IRB Coordinator currently assigned to any of your RAMP IRB studies, log into RAMP IRB and retrieve your study in question. Above the workflow diagram, the name of your IRB Coordinator will if assigned be shown (see figure below). Always check this assignment so that you know who to contact if you have questions.

For questions about a RAMP IRB submission for which an IRB Coordinator is or may not be currently assigned, use the Add Comment feature under Next Steps (see figure below) to submit a question (do not use the Add Comment feature to submit study materials; use the Edit Study feature instead). Alternatively or for a planned study that you have not yet submitted, use the general email at to ask your question, and staff will follow up with you.