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The Mission of the Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) & FSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects by adherence to applicable ethical principles and laws.


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Click on a panel below to learn more about FSU requirements for human research, the FSU IRB or the FSU OHSP:

Federal and other laws as well as FSU policy require advance OHSP and/or IRB review of ALL research that may involve individuals as respondents or study participants, either through (1) interaction/intervention with the individuals to collect information or biospecimens, or (2) use of their information or biospecimens (e.g., secondary use of previously collected information).

This review and OHSP/IRB approval or clearance must take place BEFORE the research may begin. Any FSU employee or agent (e.g., faculty, staff, students, contractors, volunteers) who plans to take part in the design, conduct or reporting of such research is required to have the study submitted for federal regulatory review using the FSU Research Administration and Management Portal (RAMP) Institution Review Board (IRB) module (RAMP IRB). Paper, email or telephonic submissions or requests for OHSP/IRB review are not accepted.

An explanation of the review process is found on our Human Research Review page. Interested in knowing about how research and creative activities are deemed to require OHSP and/or IRB review? Click on the Decision Trees link on the left and click on the Engagement algorithm.

Studies involving non-FSU institutions may require those institutions' reviews. BEFORE submitting your studies in RAMP IRB, you must contact those institutions to ascertain their review requirements, and plan accordingly. For clinical collaborations with non-FSU partners, click here for more information. 

The FSU IRB is a committee composed of scientists, non-scientists and unaffiliated (non-FSU) members that review proposed human research to ensure the protection of human subjects' rights and welfare. The FSU IRB has authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove all research activities covered by federal law and FSU policy. Research that has been approved by an IRB may be subject to further review and approval or disapproval by FSU officials; however, these officials may not approve of research that is disapproved by the IRB. The FSU IRB is registered with the U.S. government.

For studies involving another institution's reliance upon the FSU for IRB review, or for FSU studies involving reliance upon another institution's (non-FSU) IRB, please note that FSU is a participating SmartIRB institution for standardizing reviews and reducing unnecessary duplicate reviews and documentation for these multi-site studies.

Learn more about SmartIRB

The OHSP staff (scroll to bottom of list) under the FSU Office of Research, support the FSU IRB and maintains IRB and other human research regulatory records; provide subject matter expertise and related consultations; conduct pre-IRB and other regulatory reviews that do not require IRB oversight; conduct post-approval monitoring to confirm compliance with the IRB's determinations and applicable law and policy; and carry out designated and required human research-related authorities, responsibilities and functions.

FSU’s Assurance agreement with the federal government and FSU policy 7-IRB-0 require that all human research conducted by any FSU employee or agent be reviewed by the OHSP and/or IRB, regardless of funding source or sponsorship. Refer to this engagement guidance and the HRP-311 Worksheet Engagement Determination form in RAMP IRB, under the IRB, Library and Worksheets tabs, available here, to see how we determine whether research is subject to FSU's Assurance and FSU Policy 7-IRB-0 and requires certification of IRB approval.