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GAP Award Winners 2006

Washington Mio
Awarded $39,583
Real Time Object Recognition
Integrate and package a system now demonstrable at a laboratory level, so that it can be used in a routine manner. The capability that has been demonstrated is face or other object recognition for targets moving within a video scene, in real time.
Michael Blaber
Awarded $40,000
Development of Mutant Fibroblast Growth Factor
Evaluate the basis of increased angiogenic activity in a new, FSU developed, mutant strain of fibroblast growth factor FGF1, using surface plasmon resonance techniques. Equipment is recently available at the FSU College of medicine. The results are expected to justify a license of this strain to a company that uses FGF1 in cardiovascular therapy.
Yun-Hwa (Peggy) Hsieh
Awarded $48,758
Detection for BSE in Animal Feed
Production of one or more antibodies, using proprietary methods that will disclose the presence of prohibited cranial tissue in animal food, even after high temperature cooking.
Anjaneyulu Krothapalli
Awarded $48,908
Efficient Water Electrolysis Device
Design, build and test small high pressure water electrolyzer using new electrode materials that are much cheaper and more efficient than those now in commercial use.
Joseph Schlenoff
Awarded $43,068
Conducting Polymers on Microelectrode Devices
Produce and field test conductive polymer coated single and multiple electrodes for measuring neural activity. Testing is expected to show lower cost, greater sensitivity, and longer life, compared to platinum black.