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GAP Award Winners 2015

Dr. Pradeep G. Bhide
Deirdre M. McCarthy

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Awarded $40,000
A Pharmacologic Treatment for Cognitive Inflexibility
Dr. Geoffrey F. Strouse
Dr. Mykhailo (Mike) Shatruk
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Awarded $40,000
Nanostructured Permanent Magnets: Solving the World's Magnetic Materials Crisis
Dr. Wei Yang
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Awarded $20,000
Enabling Quantitative Computational Drug Discovery: The Last Mile
Dr. Jianping P. Zheng
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering

Awarded $40,000
Demonstration and Scaling-up of a Novel Hybrid Energy Storage Cell Based on Inner Combination of Li-ion Battery and Li-ion Capacitor
Dr. Lukas Graber,
Center for Advanced Power Systems

Awarded $50,000
A fast electromechanical disconnect switching chamber with integrated drive mechanism:
critical technological improvements that will be required as we move forward into the future

Dr. Peggy Hsieh,
College of Human Sciences

Awarded $40,000

Detection of food ingredients derived from animal blood:
accurate testing kits that would allow regulators and food companies to scientifically test their products for animal byproducts
Dr. Bruce Locke,
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Awarded $50,000

Green chemical synthesis of nitrate and hydrogen peroxide for organic farming using low temperature ambient pressure gas/liquid plasma reactors:
a method for highly bioavailable, sustainablenon-toxic, nitrogen-containing fertilizer, in a green, sustainable way

Dr. Mei Zhang,
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Awarded $24,000
Lightweight, elastic, conductive NanoCarbon foam: 
a material with the ability to retain its shape and volume after being compressed multiple times, as well as having thermal and electrical conductive properties
Dr. Branko Stefanovic
Biomedical Sciences

Awarded $50,000
Advanced preclinical evaluation of novel anti-fibrotic drug;
Phase II. validation of efficacy in animal models of nonalcoholic steaohepatitis (NASH)

a drug that doctors can use to help patients control or reverse their bodies' production of collagen