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GAP Award Winners 2010

Awarded $35,000
Novel Light-weight, Flexible EMI Shielding Material
Create and test large scale prototypes using light-weight, flexible material that shield against electromagnetic interference and can meet various industry needs based on the thickness of the material.
Awarded $50,000
Bone Regeneration Technology
Producing and testing bone implants using stem cells grown on HCG scaffolds.
Awarded $40,000
Next Generation Eye-Wear
Develop and test new polymers that can be used to make commercial corrective lenses cheaper, thinner, and lighter.
Joseph Schlenoff
Awarded $50,000
New Materials for Wound Dressings
Develop and test a next generation wound dressing that can be used in first response situations such as a battlefield.
Hengli TanG
Awarded $47,000
Virus Detection Kit
Develop and scale up point of service test kit that detects the presence of Hepatitis C virus.
Jack Saltiel
Awarded $15,000
Preparation of Vitamin D Derivatives
Develop an inexpensive, novel method to produce Vitamin D, which is important for bone health.