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GAP Award Winners 2007

Awarded $40,000
Lightweight, Secure Radio Frequency Identification Devices ( RFID )
By adding security logic in the RFID response circuit, these devices can be made much more secure than those in use today, encouraging RFID use for high value or high security risk objects.
Awarded $40,000
Structure Function Studies of Membrane Proteins by Solid State NMR
Development of a system that uses NMR spectroscopy to screen libraries of proteins to identify those that bind to insoluble membrane proteins, which cannot be analyzed using conventional SAR techniques.
Awarded $40,000
Bioreactor for Stem Cell Cultivation
Development of a bioreactor that mimics conditions encountered by adult stem cells in the human body. This platform allows significantly greater cell densities to be achieved than any previously available technology. Thus increasing the number of stem cells that can be produced in a given time frame.
Awarded $40,000
A Novel Cell-Based Assay for Screening Anti-HCV Drugs
Development of a novel cell-based assay for screening antiviral drugs against the hepatitis C virus (HCV). This system will provide the HCV research and development community with a simple yet powerful tool that can greatly enhance the drug screening capabilities of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
Awarded $50.,000
A Small Interfering RNA as a Potent Inhibitor of Diverse Strains of HCV
Development of a novel treatment for hepatitis C (HCV) that is aimed at effectively preventing viral replication through host cells.
Awarded $30,000
Using an Instruction Registry File to reduce costs and to improve security for imbedded processors.
By extending the architecture of a CPU to use cached instructions, and by providing novel ways to control cache content, the authors have concurrently reduced power requirements, decreased code size, improved performance, and enhanced security for special purpose computers, like those used in cell phones.