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GAP Award Winners 2008

Awarded $46,000
Synthesis of Organic Compounds
Extend the capability and usefulness of a family of organic reagents that have simplified and promise to enhance the yield in synthesis of important, but chemically challenging target drugs with the complexity of paclitaxel and discodermalide.
Awarded $49,000
Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Generator
Create and test a prototype of a portable, pulsed arc generator for a cold plasma /hydrogen peroxide stream to provide hard surface disinfection. Hydrogen peroxide is generated from water within the plasma arc, and electric power can be taken from a typical household outlet or a portable generator.
Awarded $44,673
Lookahead Fetch Engine
Introduce a small look-ahead cache into the architecture of new micro processors to reduce power consumption and/or instruction fetch time. The investigators have obtained the cooperation of a major computer company for this test and hope to see wide adoption of their invention.
Awarded $50,000
Drug and Protein Design System
Perform blind testing in collaboration with Biogen-Idec Corp. to confirm the effectiveness of his "FEB Designer" computer program suite in predicting the structure of molecules that bind optimally to receptors on target proteins, thus accelerating the development of safe and effective pharmaceuticals.
Awarded $47,700
Hybrid Fuel Cell
Fabricate and test a methanol fuel cell with an integral capacitance capability, using an anode structure that supports its platinum catalyst on a hydrated ruthenium oxide structure. The resulting hybrid fuel cell can supply both continuous and surge currents without elaborate external capacitors and control electronics.