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GAP Award Winners 2020

Inventor's Name Proposal

Dr. Biwu Ma

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Award Amount $49,281

Eco-Friendly Flexible X-Ray Scintillators

Dr. Rebekah Sweat

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 

Award Amount $35,534

A Rapid and Low-Cost Test and Sample Manufacturing Method to Quantify Material Adhesion

Dr. Zucai Suo and Dr. David Meckes

Biomedical Sciences


Award Amount $ 49,850

Developing Exosomal Wound-Healing Therapy

Dr. Prashant Singh

Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences


Award Amount $ 44,700

High-Resolution Melting PCR Assays for detection of Six Shiga Toxins Producing Escherichia coli Serogroups

Dr. Qian Zhang

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 


Award Amount $ 28,988

A Rapid Laboratory Testing Protocol to Evaluate Pavement Interlayer System