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OHSP and IRB News

On-going News:

COVID-19 and Human Research. Research activities involving in-person interventions or interactions with human subjects are still subject to FSU COVID-19-related policy and restrictions that were approved by the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida. Many restrictions have been relaxed. For further information about the policy, restrictions, and tools to accordingly conform human research, ghere or click on the COVID-19 & Human Research tab on the left.

Conflict Administration Management System (CAMS) and Conflicts of Interest:

The January 10, 2022 launch of FSU's new Conflicts Administration and Management System (CAMS) will affect the IRB workflow and review of RAMP IRB submissions, including possible delay in IRB review and how any conflicts of interest (COI) must be disclosed to human research participants (human subjects); refer to the OHSP COI page for an overview and to our FAQ #9 under Specific Questions for additional, detailed information about these affects. While conflicts of interest disclosures to human research participants are subject to the IRB's review and approval, the CAMS module is not under the auspices of the OHSP or IRB; visit this CAMS project web site to learn more about CAMS.


The RAMP system, to include the RAMP IRB module, will be taken offline at 5PM on Friday, January 7, 2022 and unavailable for your use until after 8AM on Monday, January 10. The downtime is required so that FSU may prepare for the January 10, 2022 launch of its new Conflicts Administration and Management System (CAMS) module. During this time you will not have ANY access to your RAMP IRB materials (communications, IRB-approved protocols, consent forms, etc.) or any RAMP IRB resources (templates, forms, guides). 

To prepare for this RAMP downtime, as well as possible delay in return to functionality, you should plan to prepare your RAMP IRB submissions and access any RAMP IRB library resources (templates, forms etc.) before or after this time period. RAMP system notifications will when any RAMP module is accessed before this planned downtime be provided to users as detailed reminders. Also note some delays in human research regulatory review may result due to system downtime and/or if the RAMP system is not restored to functionality as planned. For questions, contact us at or 850-644-7900 (automated call answering with voice menu system to direct you to needed points of contact).

RAMP System Upgrade:

The RAMP system had a system-wide upgrade, including to the RAMP IRB module. Several new features are intended to improve convenience and functionality for end users, including performing searches within one's own submissions or content to which one has permission to access; personalizing the appearance of tables in the RAMP IRB dashboard; and "pinning" certain recently viewed submissions for focused attention. For additional information and instructions, refer to pages 3 and 15-16 of the RAMP IRB Researcher's Guide, available in RAMP IRB, under the IRB and Help Center tabs. For additional upgrade information provided by the FSU RAMP Support Office, go here or to

Frequently Asked Questions Revised and Posted:

New and revised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been posted on the Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) web site, and are now organized in an easier more accessible format, including in 3 broad categories: general, RAMP IRB-related and specific FAQs. FAQs are drawn from the inquiries posed by the University research community. Answers include useful links and helpful graphics. FAQ topics include what research activities may be subject to IRB or other human research regulatory review; how IRB review is performed and review turn-around; how to access RAMP IRB and how to check the status of IRB submissions; what to do if you leave FSU; and what to do if there are incidents related to your study. Other FAQs are forthcoming and the FAQ page will be regularly updated to reflect researchers’ questions, comments and concerns. To access the FAQs, visit OHSP's FAQ page, or go to

New Student-led Research Resources Published:

The Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) is please to announced availability of a new OHSP web page, guidance and other resources pertaining to student-led human research. Materials include an overview of how student-led research may require OHSP and IRB review, including an easy review algorithm; a guidance document for quick reference; student-led research FAQs, including a link to a RAMP IRB workflow explainer; and key tips. Click on the Student-Led Research tab on the left or use this link to access the Student-led Research web page.

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