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Tutorials for using RAMP IRB

On this page are links to video tutorials and an IRB protocol writing workshop prepared by OHSP staff to assist researchers with using RAMP IRB and navigating a study submission workspace. Use the RAMP IRB Tutorials link below to access general and specific how-to tutorials. Most tutorials last just a few minutes and include video captures of RAMP IRB workspaces. General tutorials provide overviews of basic RAMP IRB contents and functions. Specific tutorials focus upon workspace pages or activities; in the “Creating New Studies Tutorials” panel are subordinate panels that further break down that workspace by more manageable tutorials.

The Protocol Writing Workshop link below provides access to training that walks through a general IRB protocol template. Recorded from a live event, the workshop lasts 1.5 hours.

Note that some content may be revised when RAMP IRB is upgraded.