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Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Toolkit

The Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) implemented the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Toolkit on April 20th, 2019This implementation was designed to coincide with and facilitate the transition to the new IRB system through the Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP), which went live on June 21stFSU transitioned to RAMP to modernize the University’s research administration business processes and technologies, as well as improve research compliance and project management. For more information, please visit the RAMP project website

The transition to the RAMP system included a Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Toolkit to aid with the development and management of IRB protocols and to ensure compliance with the regulations. The Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of documents that will be utilized within RAMP IRB to support compliance and contribute to transparency in the IRB review process.

All IRB submissions going forward will require the submission of a protocol document that is part of the HRPP Toolkit. The HRPP Toolkit templates can be found by clicking on this link.

To support the HRPP Toolkit launch, the OHSP conducted several protocol writing workshops.  If you were unable to attend, a session has been recorded and can be found by clicking this link

For questions specific to the HRPP Toolkit templates and/or RAMP, please email

For questions related to your research project and how to complete sections of the templates to fit your research, please email